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Learn About and (hopefully!) Donate to an Elephant Sanctuary






A circus is probably one of the last places you'd expect to find two people who are passionate about animals and animal rights, but both Kathleen and Stefano feel strongly that no exotic animals or caged, domestic animals should be forced to work and travel in such conditions. Both African and Asian elephants worldwide are fighting for survival, and it is our hope that we can help bring awareness to their plight and how the entertainment choices each of us make affect their lives.


There are many parks throughout the world that protect and offer sanctuary to elephants and other animals. We encourage you to take a virtual visit our favorite organizations:

Elephant Nature Park, Thailand



Elephant Sanctuary | Stefano receiving a kiss from a baby elephant at the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand

The Elephant Sanctuary, Tennessee



A portion of the author's revenue from Love in the Elephant Tent will be donated to the above sanctuaries. If you're interested in helping these magnificient animals, you can find small and large ways to donate through a virtual visit to these and similar organizations.

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