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Publishers Weekly: 


"The challenges of losing childhood selfishness and gaining a life partner are amplified within a setting where speaking up for her beliefs and ideals about how animals and people should be treated could cost her partner his livelihood. The story of Kathleen’s journey toward self-discovery is enthralling … the descriptions of life in the circus, the animals, and the spectacle put on every night vividly take readers into the experience."   March, 2015




“Cremonesi’s memoir is saturated with descriptive language and emotion… Behind the circus’ glamour lies a sobering reality of mistreated animals and workers; however, Cremonesi’s adventurous and compassionate nature is at its height as she interacts with the menagerie. Readers looking for stories of self-discovery, as well as fans of Sara Gruen’s Water for Elephants (2006), will enjoy this title.”  May, 2015



“If you love the circus, you will love this memoir. If you hate this circus, you will still love this memoir. . . Her writing voice is as interesting and rich as the experiences she shares in the book. She may have found love in the elephant tent; I found a fascinating woman in the pages of a book.”

Blasting News


"One of the most invigorating descriptions of backstage life that I have ever read . . . Whatever your views on circus animals, Cremonesi’s experiences will definitely provide food for thought. Her book is recommended reading for anyone who wants to know what life in the circus is really like."

A Cup of Tea with that Book, Please:


"Love in the Elephant Tent is a perfect coming-of-age memoir filled with beautiful scenic descriptions, fascinating adventures, and an emotional journey through the human heart that will have you engrossed until the very last page."

Always Packed for Adventure


“This story is strong with ethical vs emotional content. Having both the circus and Europe as backdrops fills this memoir with many layers . . . I loved getting a backstage view of this unique lifestyle.”

Fictional Real World


This was such a fantastic book. Whatever preconceived notions you may have about memoirs, just let them go. Cremonesi’s book is nothing like any memoir I have ever read. Usually reading memoirs is like slogging through muddy marshes, but this one grabbed me from the beginning. It reads like a novel, thanks to Cremonesi’s incredible story-telling skills. . . If you’ve enjoyed reading memoirs in the past, or have any particular affinity for coming-of-age adventure type stories, then I highly recommend this book. Honestly, I think there must be very few people who would be unable to enjoy it at least in some capacity."

Book Bug


“A memoir, but far from just presenting the facts. I’d call it a true adventure book! I truly, honestly and really loved this book. And would recommend it with my whole heart!”

Caffeine and Books


“This is definitely a good read. It depicts the trials and tribulations of having a romance while trying to live such a nomadic lifestyle. . . I found it hard to believe that this was a real story as it would make a perfectly interesting fiction book. The only way I truly believed this was indeed a memoir was though the wonderful pictures the book contained.”

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